Program Review July

In Football we have practiced different positions; Quarterback, Running Back, and Kicker. We worked on passing techniques and had a blast running while “holding the baby” to score Touchdowns!
We learned where the head and the neck is on the Tennis-racket and the little Pro’s used their V-hand grip to practice forehand/backhand swing, while moving their feet side to side.
In Soccer and Basketball, the kids are getting pretty good at getting around the cones. They have had fun with partner passing drills, dribbling skills, practiced overhead throw-ins, and of course shots on goal and their favorite “slam-dunk”.
With the focus on speed and agility we have played Hop Scotch, practiced jumps, Zig-Zag’s and floor ladder work. Catch them if you can, they are getting to be pretty fast!

I’m a Good Sport!

The goal for High5Sports is not only for your child to have fun while exercising, but classes are  designed to build your child’s confidence and ability to enjoy fitness.

We work thoroughly on technique, understanding of the most common sports and their rules. In addition and maybe even more important we work on being a “Good sport”, including behavior on the field, respect and courtesy for each other, and for the Coach.

We could name a few pro-athletes who could’ve benefitted from this part of our program!


My Recruiting Solutions is “an educational resource for student athletes who want to play volleyball at the collegiate level.” In a post last month, My Recruiting Solutions said, “We are passionate about guiding these athletes to accomplishing their dreams.”

My inspiration for High 5 Sports came from my own childhood experience in Youth Sports. I was raised by a single mother who worked a lot of overtime to meet our family’s expenses. At the end of the day my mother didn’t have the time or the money to drive my sister and me around to different activities. On top of that I was shy. I soon found that as I learned a few basic skills and knowledge of a sport I was much more comfortable participating in our local recreation programs. As I became more confident I was able build relationships that opened up additional opportunities for me.

Today I teach a weekly sport program on campus at local schools. Our motto is “Beginning with the Basics”. My goal is to reach as many students on an individual campus as possible whether or not they can afford the extracurricular fees. I believe youth sports are a great way to build self-confidence and a healthy lifestyle.


High 5 Sports, LLC was developed to bring physical activity and fitness to children of all ages. Our preschool program is structured around the theme: “Beginning with the basics”.

Our coaches have many years of experience teaching and working with children and are positive, energetic, and creative. The team meets once a week at your child’s preschool and practice for 35 minutes.

Every week our coaches focus on the fundamental of sports, while encouraging life skills such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and discipline while exhibiting courtesy and respect for fellow students and coaches.

Each class will consist of stretching, one ball sport, and various activities that will enhance hand-eye/hand-foot coordination, balance and motor skills. Each month we offer a variety of sports including soccer, hockey, football, golf, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and Tae-kwon-do. Our goal is to provide students the skills to enjoy an active lifestyle and prepare them for participation in organized sports.